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If you never been surfing and want to learn surfing or you already can surf but want to improve your surfing skills. Here at Anugerah Surf & Dive Resort we have a very experienced surf instructor Ron Wolfe. He used to own and operate a surf school for 12 years in Hanalei Hawaii. where he has been teaching a lot of famous actors , children from 5 years old and adults as old as eighty years of age. He moved to Rote island about 8 years ago and enjoying the must slower pace of living in Indonesia, But he still loves to teach people the enjoyment of surfing.

For all surf lessons, Ron will come over to Anugerah and meet you in person and discuss a time and level of your surfing skills and will select a suitable surf board together with you. and of course if you bring your own board you can use that one.

For the beginner lessons, before you paddle out to catch some real wave at one of the beginner waves not to far from the beach in Nemberala. you will practice stance and the surf stance, Then Ron will teach you paddle techniques and positioning on the surf board, also he will review safety practices and surf spot protocol.

Each surf class has no time limit you will surf as long as you can or you wear surf coach Ron Wolfe out.

Prices for the Surf lessons and coaching.

Beginner and intermediate at screamers or one palm surf break.

1 person private 350.000 Rp
2 person private 600.000 Rp

Intermediate surfer with surfing experience and advanced bigger wave coaching.

1 person private 400.000 Rp
2 person private 700.000 Rp

All prices include surf board rental and the boat trips to the surf breaks. For students who don’t stay in Anugerah Surf & Dive Resort we charge 50.000 Rp. or 100.000 Rp per person for the boat it depends to which surf spot you go.

For more info and booking surf lesson Contact Ron.
Phone / WhatssApp: +62 (0)82195968594
Phone: +62 (0)8123919509