Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I buy surfboards and essentials like wax on the island?

A: You need to bring your own surfboard, as there is no dedicated surf shop on the island. However at Anugerah we have surfboards for rent as well and we sell basics like wax, leashes and standard FCS fins.

Q: What are the crowds like?

A: On a busy day there may be 60 people spread over the various peaks at T-land, however 10-20 in the water is the norm. Whilst this Mus awnersing questions about the surf in Nmeberalasounds a lot, the length of the point, with its various sections spreads the crowd pretty well. We also find that the crew that are attracted to this spot are a bit older and more mellow. Then there are the other spots around the island that can also draw people away from the peak out front, further dissipating numbers. Hassles in the water are few, and we are working hard to ensure good behavior in the water by promoting respect for others and compliance with priority and drop in rules.

Q: What’s the best time to come?

A: The period from April to November sees consistent swell. The trades generally begin blowing in late May, reaching their peak strength between July and August. The good thing about Rote, is that if there is a solid swell, there is generally somewhere to surf, with a variety of breaks facing in different directions, offering clean conditions in pretty much any wind.

Q: What is Nemberala town like?

Nemberala is a very basic village, whose residents are generally fairly poor. English isn’t widely spoken and facilities are few. Many people find this a big part of the appeal however, as it truly is a chance to experience the true Indonesia. Time and again we hear comments like “This is what Bali used to be like 30 years ago”. But if you have preferences for foods like vegemite, or want to shop for DVD’s and fine clothes, you will have to do that in Bali.

Q: Is there malaria or dengue fever on Rote?

A: You can contract these debilitating diseases on any island in Indonesia, but thankfully, Rote’s low rainfall means we have far fewer mosquitos than other wetter islands in the archipelago. This vastly reduces your chances of contracting either disease. However an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and we recommend guests apply mosquito repellant especially at dusk. We work hard to eliminate any standing water, and provide very good mosquito nets in all the rooms and have had very few issues with these diseases at Anugerah.

Q: Can I get internet?

If you bring your own mobile phone you can use it as a portable hotspot for your computer. Alternatively, you can use the local internet shop located 500m from the resort after dinner. This uses a satellite upload, however the connection speed is still slow.

Q: Can I pay my bill at Anugerah by credit card?

A: Yes we have a credit card machine. We accept MasterCard and Visa Card.

Q: Are there any ATM’s on Rote?

A: Sadly not, unless you have an Indonesian bank card.

Q: What is there to do when I am not surfing or diving?

A: Most guests find that when there is swell, they are too tired to do much more than surf, eat and sleep. Dive trips usually occupy half a day and likewise, most guests tend to just relax by the pool or read in the afternoon. However Rote is a beautiful island and many people enjoy hiring scooters and driving around the island during off time. We have backgammon boards, chess boards and a reasonable selection of books, but if you are a bit “A.D.D.” and it’s flat, the lagoon is a fantastic place to swim train and there are plenty of good places to go running.

Q: Are there other places to stay on Rote?

A: Yes, there are several. There are two beachfront resorts catering to limited numbers, at top end prices. There are also a couple of lower budget places with primitive facilities. But Anugerah Ocean Resort, is by far the most popular due to its premier location, unrivalled combination of facilities, friendly staff, and excellent food all at a very reasonable price.