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Community Projects

Kolewa Foundation

Kolewa Foundation currently works on a number of projects in Bali, Rote, Timor and Sulawesi. Our goal is to achieve a better future for children and older people with disabilities! Make a change!

As a foundation we are very excited to work together with “Surf and Dive Resort Rote” for the benefit of the inhabitants of Rote.

Our aim is to reduce the number of children with cleft lip and open palate as well as educate young people about healthy food and drinking water, improve housing and medical care as much as possible.

Would you like to help us during your stay at Rote? Keep on checking this page and for upcoming activities. You can also send us an email for any questions and ideas at


The Netherlands

Kolewa Foundation
Raadhuisstraat 110
2406 AH Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands

Correspondence address

Clara Waardenburg, secretary
Prof. L. Fuchslaan 1c, 3571 HC Utrecht
Tel: +31-63 9198 387
E-mail: or
Tel. Indonesië: +62 812 3705 9714 (Syta Plantinga)

Bankaccount in The Netherlands

ABN AMRO 98 09 10 668 t.n.v. Stichting Kolewa NL79abna0980910668
International: Swift ABNANL2A IBAN: NL79ABNA0980910668
Fiscaal nummer: 818112864  (ANBI status


Yayasan Kolewa Harapan Indonesia (kolewa Foundation),
Jalan Pulau Sebatik 14,
80119 Dauh Puri Klod,
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

For sending goods mention ibu Ana,
phone number  +6281237824062.

Please contact us first before sending or visiting.

Bank account details in Indonesia:

Account holder: Yayasan Kolewa Harapan Indonesia
Account number: 145-00-1191279-3
Bank: Mandiri BMRIIDJA ( mention the project / label of your choice)

Indonesian Manta Project

The Indonesian Manta Project was initiated in 2010 to address the issues and threats facing Indonesia’s vulnerable manta ray populations. We are proud to be an affiliate project of the UK registered charities, Manta Trust and Sea Sanctuaries Trust.

Our motivation

Indonesia has been designated as the world’s largest sanctuary for manta rays, as well as whale sharks and other charismatic megafauna. In addition, key biodiversity hotspots such as Raja Ampat and the Savu Sea have been granted special national and regional protected status. However, it is critical that these designations are more than just sanctuaries in name alone. We must ensure that the communities that depend on these areas and species derive sustainable livelihoods, such that they ultimately become the ambassadors and greatest champions for their conservation. And it is on this vision that we focus our work.

Our work in Rote

With the kind support of Anugerah Surf and Dive Resort, we began exploring Rote in 2015 for its potential as a manta ray research and conservation site. Our initial surveys confirmed the presence of manta rays, as well as other charismatic marine megafauna such as whale sharks and mobula rays. In addition, an oceanic manta ray (Manta birostris) “cleaning station” has been discovered in Rote, which is particularly important, as there are currently only a handful of identified oceanic manta cleaning stations in Indonesia, all of which are in West Papua.

Rote is the southernmost island of Indonesia and is uniquely home to both species of manta, and important coastal habitats such as ancient mangroves and rich coral reefs. It is a part of the Savu Sea Marine Protected Area (MPA) but unfortunately stakeholders have had little capacity to socialize, manage and enforce this MPA. As such, illegal and destructive activities are still occurring, threatening Rote’s marine ecosystem and the future livelihoods and food security of coastal communities. Our conservation work here doesn’t just stop with mantas but extends to whale sharks, turtles, cetaceans and overall habitat protection and fisheries management. We are working with stakeholders including local communities, government, local police, tourism industry and NGOs to better understand and safeguard Rote’s special marine ecosystem.

For more information, updates and to get in touch with us, please follow our social media pages:

Facebook Instangam Indonesian Manta Project

Alternatively, drop us an email at