Getting to Kupang and to Rote

Most travellers arrive from Kupang via Denpassar on daily flights with a number of airlines. Lion air is usually the cheapest but surfboards incur an overweight baggage fee at a “per kilo” rate. Garuda flights generally cost more. Prices vary between airlines and dates, with cost ranging from 800,000RP to 2,400,000RP. Then you can take The Lion/Wings Air flight Kupang to Rote island at 15.10 and arrive in Rote around 15.40. The price for a one way ticket is between 190,000 Rp and 250,000 Rp there is a extra charge of 200.000 Rp per surfboard. If you stay the night in Kupang you can take a taxi from the airport to the Kupang city cost around RP 60,000, and most travellers who take the fast ferry face at least one night in Kupang while waiting for a morning ferry service.

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For people who don’t want to have the hassle with booking flight-tickets and accommodation in Kupang. You can use our booking agent that is based in Bali. They provide a full service package from Bali or Jakarta to our resort here on Rote island, Nemberala.

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Accommodation in Kupang

This iconic old colonial port has a range of accommodation options to suit various budgets. We recommend the following options:

Home stay Flobamor this is a very nice place to stay before you come to Rote island. It has clean room with ac. and hot shower also they have free wifi, free breakfast and they have a pick up service from the airport and the next day they bring you to the ferry. cost for the room and the pick up is RP 375,000

Hotel Sylvia comes highly recommended by many travellers. A double room costs 300,000 Rp, and includes air con, free continental buffet breakfast, free wi-fi in the lobby.

Hotel La Hasienda is a Mexican inspired architecture and with a generous range of amenities including free airport service, we offer you an inspiring and refreshing alternative for your stay in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (West Timor), Indonesia. prices vary trough the season but its around RP 365,000  check out their website. hotellahasienda

Hotel Maliana costs RP 250,000 for a couple, is right on the waterfront

Lavalon is cheap, with some new rooms right on the waterfront, and offers basic food including hamburgers and beer, overlooking the ocean. The owner (Edwin Lerrick) speaks good English and is very helpful to tourists more info: Lavalon Sea view Hostel Kupang 

Fast FerryFerries to Rote

One of the key issues involved in travelling to the island is the frustratingly random nature of the two ferry services, especially in the windy months of July and August, with frequent delays and cancellations due to weather conditions. Knowing when either ferry will sail or be cancelled is harder than reading ones fate in tea-leaves, and those on tight schedules or trying to connect with international flights home can at times find themselves in an extremely frustrating dilemma. We will do everything possible to make this as easy as possible but ultimately have no control over sailings.

The fast ferry arrives at Ba’a and takes about two hours, costing RP 150,000 economy or RP 190,000 for a VIP ticket. Be warned that a RP 10,000 surcharge for boards is normally levied. The Bemo trip from Ba’a to Nemberala takes about an hour and costs in the region of RP 50,000. If you want a bit of space, you can charter a whole Bemo for RP 250,000. Alternatively, we can pick you up in our Mitsubishi L300 van which is lots more comfortable. Cost is RP 100,000 per person.

Time Table Bahari express (fast ferry)

   Kupang to Rote                                    Rote to Kupang

Monday       : 8:30 and 14:00            Monday       : 8:30 and 14:00
Tuesday      : 11:00                           Tuesday      : 11:00
Wednesday  : 11:00                           Wednesday  : 11:00
Thursday     : 8:30 and 14:00            Thursday     : 8:30 and 14:00
Friday          : 8:30 and 14:00            Friday          : 8:30 and 14:00
Saturday      : 8:30 and 14:00            Saturday      : 8:30 and 14:00
Sunday        : 9:30 and 14:00            Sunday        : 9:30 and 14:00


The Slow Ferry leaves from a different port a few km east of the fast ferry, and arrives at Pantai Baru, taking from three to four hours. Conditions below deck can be fairly claustrophobic when full, though the upper deck is a great way to see the islands float by, and not popular with the Indonesians. Lugging boards up the narrow stairwells can be challenging, but worth it in our opinion. From there it is two hours in a shared local bemo, costing RP 100,000 pp. Alternatively, we can arrange pick up, as for the fast ferry. Cost is RP 600,000 for the car.

Flying to Rote

Since Dec 2015 Lion Air / Wings Air has started flying on a daily base from Kupang, El tari Airport to Rote Island, Ba’a, Lekunik Airport. The price for a one way ticket is around RP 190,000 – RP 250.000. There is a extra charge of 200.000 Rp per surf board.

If you are desperate, there is one almost failsafe way, which is to fly from Lekunik Airport to Kupang. Currently there is a commercial service; however it appears to be as random as the ferries. When it flies, it costs around RP 750,000. Alternatively, a plane can be chartered from either of two companies (Trans Nusa or Susi Air) at a cost of approx. US$2,800.00. The small planes can fit 12 people but a couple less if you’re carrying surfboards. Transportation to the airport costs RP 250,000 by bemo, or we can pick you up in our Mitsubishi L300 van which is a lot more comfortable. Cost is RP 100,000 per person.

All Bemo drivers generally carry rope and are happy to strap boards to the roof, though carrying your own long rack straps can be a useful insurance in the extremely slim chance that they don’t have rope.

Getting Around

Roads are predominantly sealed, and of good quality, making transport around the island relatively simple on the myriad of “Bemo” minivans or the ubiquitous scooters, called ojak’s by the locals, found throughout Indonesia. We have scooters to rent costing RP 50,000 per half day, or RP 75, 000 for a full day. All have surfboard racks for trips to Bo’a. Cars can be rented from RP 800,000 per day and comes with a driver.

Disclaimer: All prices are accurate at time of writing (August 2013), but are naturally subject to fluctuations in petrol prices and other economic factors.