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Dive rote indonesia The reef manta ray (Manta alfredi) is species of ray in the family Mobulidae, one of the largest rays in the world.Dive the island of Rote is one of Indonesia’s new frontiers in dive exploration,home to a diverse array of dive sites all around its expansive coastline, combined with a handful of offshore islands, all bursting with new spots to explore. Despite the prevailing south-west swell in dry season, there is always somewhere to go within an hour’s boat ride from Nemberala, and clients can add diving to the fantastic selection of activities that already exist on this tropical island jewel. As well as being the ideal way for surfers to occupy those small swell or flat days, it is also an excellent spot to develop your diving credentials. Anugerah Surf and Dive Resort offers the only dive school on the island, with a full range of dive courses, equipment and facilities, including dive boats, a training pool and PADI certified instructors. Whether you are a complete beginner or a certified diver wishing to build on your existing skill set, Rote is the ideal place to enjoy a complete ocean experience.[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://youtu.be/_alp2wT9yxo”]

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